Comparing Stable Diffusion Styles: SDXL vs SSD-1B

Explore how SDXL and SSD-1B fare in generating images of various styles in this head-to-head comparison.

Comparing Stable Diffusion Styles: SDXL vs SSD-1B
TL;DR: SDXL offers numerous predefined styles, simplifying the creation of visually appealing images that closely align with your intended concept. The SSD-1B, a distilled version of SDXL, should replicate all these styles. Although this blog post won't cover every style, we will select some popular ones for a comparative analysis between SDXL and SSD-1B.

In the dynamic realm of digital creativity, the emergence of text-to-image generation models has revolutionized the landscape, offering unparalleled potential for visual expression. Today, our exploration focuses on a comparative analysis between two leading models in this domain: SDXL 1.0 and SSD-1B. This comparison aims to navigate their performance to generate images of different styles.

Methodology: In our comparative analysis between SDXL and SSD-1B, we will adopt a consistent approach to ensure a fair comparison. We plan to keep all parameters identical for both models and  generate images using the same prompt for both SDXL and SSD-1B. By employing identical prompts, we aim to understand how each model interprets and executes the same instructions. This approach will provide insights into the nuances of each model, highlighting their strengths and potential limitations. Our analysis will focus on aspects like fidelity to the prompt, artistic quality, and the level of detail in the generated images. The outcome of this comparison will offer a comprehensive understanding of how SDXL and SSD-1B perform under similar conditions, giving us a clearer picture of their respective capabilities in image generation.


Cinematic style in visual art mirrors the essence of dramatic movie scenes, employing dynamic compositions, impactful lighting, and emotive characters to evoke the atmosphere and storytelling elements in films.

Prompt : Create a dramatic scene featuring a protagonist framed against a dramatic skyline, their silhouette hinting at a momentous decision

Comic Book

Comic book style in visual art mirrors comic illustrations' vibrant, dynamic, and expressive qualities. It often features bold outlines, vibrant colors, exaggerated expressions, and dynamic action sequences reminiscent of the storytelling techniques used in comic books.

Prompt : Illustrate an action-packed scene where a hero showcases their unique superpower, using bold lines, vibrant colors, and dynamic poses.


Isometric art utilizes a unique 3D drawing method to depict objects, presenting them with parallel lines to create an illusion of depth and perspective. This style often employs geometric precision, clean lines, and uniformity to provide a distinctive visual view combining 2D and 3D elements.

Prompt : Create an isometric illustration portraying a futuristic metropolis, featuring towering skyscrapers, intricate road networks, and bustling streets to depict a vibrant cityscape filled with life and energy


The lowpoly style simplifies subjects by utilizing a minimalistic approach, employing a limited number of polygons to form geometric shapes and forms. It often features flat surfaces, sharp angles, and simplified structures, resulting in a stylized and abstract representation of subjects.

Prompt : Craft a lowpoly landscape showcasing a serene setting with minimalist shapes and vibrant colors, capturing the essence of a peaceful countryside or tranquil natural scenery


The photographic style in visual art replicates the characteristics and aesthetics of real-life photography. It aims to emulate photographs' look, feel, and nuances, often portraying realistic scenes, subjects, or landscapes.

Prompt : Capture a candid moment in a bustling urban environment, emphasizing the authenticity of daily life through the photographic lens

Food Photography

Food photography focuses on capturing images of food in a visually appealing and appetizing manner. It emphasizes various cuisines' presentation, colors, textures, and details to evoke hunger and sensory appeal.

Prompt : Photograph a gourmet meal setup, highlighting the vibrant colors and textures of diverse dishes arranged artistically for visual allure

Line Art Style

Line art is characterized by using lines or outlines to represent subjects, emphasizing contours, shapes, and intricate details without utilizing color or shading. It often employs various line weights, textures, and patterns to create visual interest.

Prompt : Create a detailed line art portrait, focusing on using varying line weights and intricate linework to capture the subject’s features


Surrealist art taps into the subconscious mind, exploring dream-like imagery, unexpected juxtapositions, and unconventional compositions. It often defies conventional reality, inviting viewers into bizarre and fantastical elements that challenge logic and evoke deep emotions.

Prompt : A surrealistic landscape merging floating islands and distorted perspectives to evoke a sense of wonder and mystery


A focus on realism, perspective, and classical themes characterizes Renaissance art. It emphasizes meticulous detail, rich colors, and a harmony of composition, drawing inspiration from ancient Greco-Roman art and humanistic ideals.

Prompt : Produce a Renaissance-style still life painting featuring a variety of objects, meticulously capturing textures, light, and shadow to convey a sense of realism and depth


Minimalist style strips down elements to their essential forms, focusing on simplicity, clean lines, and minimal decoration. It emphasizes clarity and reduction of fundamental features, often employing a limited color palette and negative space to create impactful visual compositions.

Prompt : Artwork depicting a serene landscape using only two primary colors and geometric shapes to convey a sense of tranquility and spaciousness.


Anime comprises a diverse range of animated styles originating from Japan, characterized by vibrant characters, expressive emotions, and intricate narratives across various genres like action, romance, fantasy, and science fiction.

Prompt : Illustrate a dynamic anime battle scene featuring powerful characters engaged in an intense clash of supernatural forces, showcasing dramatic action sequences and vivid expressions


Gothic art embraces dark, mysterious, and often eerie aesthetics, drawing inspiration from medieval architecture, romanticism, and the macabre. It often features intricate details, haunting atmospheres, and elements that explore themes of melancholy, beauty, and the supernatural.

Prompt : Design a gothic-inspired cathedral interior with towering arches, intricate stained glass windows, and ethereal lighting that casts haunting shadows, evoking a sense of reverence and otherworldly beauty.


Space art explores the vastness of the cosmos, portraying celestial bodies, galaxies, and cosmic phenomena. It often showcases breathtaking scenes of nebulae, starscapes, planets, and futuristic concepts, aiming to evoke a sense of wonder and the unknown.

Prompt : Illustrate an otherworldly space station orbiting a distant planet, showcasing sleek architecture, advanced technology


Streetfighter style encapsulates the adrenaline-fueled world of fighting games, featuring diverse characters with unique fighting techniques, dynamic environments, and intense martial arts battles set in urban areas.

Prompt : Illustrate an electrifying combat scene between iconic Streetfighter characters, showcasing their signature moves amidst a bustling cityscape, with dynamic lighting and explosive energy.


Pop art celebrates popular culture, employing bold colors and recognizable imagery from advertising, comic books, and consumer products. It often employs irony and satire while emphasizing everyday objects and icons.

Prompt : Create a vibrant pop art portrait using bold colors and graphic elements inspired by a famous celebrity, highlighting their features and personality in a dynamic, eye-catching composition


Cubist art breaks down subjects into geometric shapes and fragmented forms, exploring multiple perspectives in a single image. It emphasizes abstraction, geometric shapes, and a deconstructed representation of reality.

Prompt : Craft a cubist-inspired composition of a still life scene using fragmented shapes and angular forms, depicting everyday objects from various viewpoints within the same artwork


Manga is Japanese comic book art characterized by distinct visual storytelling, exaggerated emotions, and diverse genres spanning action, romance, fantasy, and more. It often features expressive characters and dynamic action sequences.

Prompt : Illustrate a manga-style adventure scene with expressive characters embarking on a thrilling journey, capturing dynamic poses and intense emotions in a visually engaging composition.


Impressionist art focuses on capturing fleeting moments and atmospheric effects through loose brushwork, vibrant colors, and the depiction of light and movement. It aims to convey the essence of a scene rather than intricate details.

Prompt : Paint an outdoor scene capturing the play of light and shadow on a tranquil landscape using loose brushstrokes and vibrant colors to convey a sense of mood and atmosphere


Steampunk blends Victorian aesthetics with steam-powered machinery, creating a retro-futuristic world filled with gears, brass, and fantastical inventions. It often showcases an alternate history where steam technology thrives.

Prompt: Design an intricate steampunk gadget or machine featuring intricate gears, pipes, and Victorian-inspired details, imagining a fantastical invention powered by steam technology


Nautical art revolves around themes of the sea, marine life, ships, and seascapes, often embodying a sense of adventure, exploration, and the beauty of the ocean’s depths.

Prompt : Illustrate a mesmerizing underwater scene teeming with vibrant marine life, showcasing an array of colorful fish, intricate coral reefs, and the interplay of light filtering through the ocean’s depths, capturing the enchanting allure of the sea.


Lovecraftian art draws inspiration from the works of H.P. Lovecraft, featuring cosmic horror, ancient beings, and otherworldly landscapes that evoke a sense of the unknown and unfathomable dread.

Prompt : Create a Lovecraftian landscape portraying an otherworldly realm inhabited by eldritch creatures, ominous ruins, and a foreboding sense of dread, capturing the eerie and unsettling atmosphere of cosmic horror.

Stained Glass Style

Stained glass art features intricate designs made from colored glass pieces, often seen in religious or architectural settings. It employs vivid colors and elaborate patterns to convey stories or motifs through light and color.

Prompt : Design a vibrant stained glass window depicting a mythical scene or religious motif, using vivid colors and intricate patterns to convey a sense of divine beauty and storytelling through the play of light.


SSD-1B, despite being 50% smaller and 60% faster than Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL 1.0), maintains swift and seamless performance while preserving remarkable image quality. Across various styles, SSD consistently delivers comparable performance across various styles to SDXL, showcasing efficiency without compromising visual fidelity.

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