Best Prompts for SDXL 1.0

We have carefully compiled a selection of the best SDXL prompts to help you embark on your creative journey. Try generating images with SDXL and enjoy 100 free inferences per day on Segmind.

Best Prompts for SDXL 1.0

In this blog, we'll explore captivating prompts, each unlocking the potential of the SDXL 1.0 model.  Renowned for its versatility, this model is adept in many scenarios, offering impressive performance across diverse applications. One notable feature is its ability to seamlessly adapt to different styles, allowing for the generation of images to suit various artistic preferences. To learn more about the different styles offered by SDXL 1.0, head over to Exploring Diverse Artistic Styles with SDXL 1.0

Join us in this blog as we explore diverse prompts—ranging from fantastical landscapes to everyday scenes—unlocking the artistic potential of these AI wonders.


kodak film potrait , girl surrounded with bubbles detailed, dramatic lighting shadow (lofi, analog-style)


A pair of clear hands looking through a transparent glass Christmas ball , hyper-realistic, minimalist, futuristic background with cute Christmas decorations like Santa Claus, a snowman, and snowflakes, 8k

Epic Space Battle

An epic space battleship between futuristic spacecraft, set against a backdrop of swirling nebulas and distant stars, capturing the intensity of interstellar warfare.


selfie of an American girl , smiling  ,mountains, wearing a backpack, red top,  rocks, river, wood, analog style (look at viewer:1.2), DSLR

Animal Models

cute rabbit in a spacesuit

Greek Statues in Train

Greek marble statues sitting in a very crowded subway train during rush hour, commuting, confused expressions. exquisite details, photo taken on Hasselblad, creative photoshoot, unreal render 8k


an adorable and fluffy baby dinosaur with big color eyes, with soft feathers and wings, in the desert with cactus, with blur background, high quality, 8k

Minimalist Car Photography

minimalistic plolygon geometric car  in brutalism warehouse, Rick Owens

Sandwich Rocket

very tall  sandwich with salad layers  taking off the ground like a rocket, in the clouds, weird, whimsical, product photography

Pilot Girl

Brunette pilot girl in a snowstorm, full body, moody lighting, intricate details, depth of field, outdoors, Fujifilm XT3, RAW, 8K UHD, film grain, Unreal Engine 5, ray tracing.

Celebrity Shoot

Peter Dinklage sitting on a large cat's back, sitting on a saddle

Romantic Cruise

realistic detailed man and woman met in a dating club, they are successful, happy, independent, in the background of a stunning island on a luxury yacht


Minimalist photography, beautiful  mermaid with long hair covered with seashells and seagras, under water, sad face, crying, heterochromia eyes blue and black, 8k, intricate detailed, anne stokes inspired

Prisoner Cat

a humanoid havana brown cat wearing inmate orange jumpsuit outfit in prison, high detail, high-resolution photograph


S'mores Delight An indulgent dessert featuring charred marshmallow, chocolate fondant, and graham cracker crumbs.

Model Photography

Black and white, Helmut Newton-style photo of a tall, slender French supermodel in a repair garage at night, smiling, with motorcycles, ultra-sharp, panoramic, wide angle.

Mythical Creatures

Armies of angels and demons fighting in the skytwo smoke monsters, winged Demons fighting golden wingless flaming angels, embodiment of darkness and light battle in a cloudy sky, beautiful clouds behind them, fantasy, high detail, realistic photo, high detail, digital painting, cinematic, stunning, hyper-realistic, sharp focus, high resolution 8k, insanely detailed

Unreal engine render

a cute fluffy rabbit pilot walking on a military aircraft carrier, unreal engine render, 8k, cinematic

Futuristic Lab

In the center of the room, a colossal human brain is intricately connected to advanced computers housed in the surrounding racks by millions of wires.

Futuristic Couple

Shadowed silhouette of a brunette boy and blonde girl, both 18, in sci-fi suits, sitting in a dark futuristic room. Background features a window view of Earth from space, hyperrealistic, 8K.


interior design of a luxurious master bedroom, gold and marble furniture, luxury, intricate, breathtaking

Pirate Ship

(Illuminated Pirate ship sailing on a sea with a galaxy in the sky), epic, 4k, ultra,

Alien Portrait

An sterotypical alien with glowing eyes  in the style of translucent liquid metal filled with swirling galaxies, ray tracing, raw character, 32k uhd, schlieren photography, conceptual portraiture, wet - on - wet blending

Minions in Aircraft

Minions traveling in the business class cabin of a aircraft, capturing the humorous contrast between their playful nature and the sophisticated environment of the cabin.

City on Mars

Futuristic city on Mars with domed structures and advanced transportation systems

Mystical Cat

a mystical white cat with wings standing gracefully in ocean

Formal Photoshoot

Professional studio photo of a romantic husband and wife, wearing Ralph Lauren attire, with an umbrella and a holding a black mini dachshund, cosmopolitan style

Art Piece

framed piece of art, ultra realistic and extremely detailed, cinematic mood, film photography by Julius Shulman

Cyberpunk Vintage Biker

Futuristic vintage poster with Cyberpunk, biker with helmet bike, black in color, with a cyberpunk city background, futuristic lighting, cinematic lighting, cozy lighting, 8k, cinematic poster

Ice queen character

(fractal crystal skin:1.1) with( ice crown:1.4) woman, white crystal skin, (fantasy:1.3), (Anna Dittmann:1.3)

Modern Minimalist Interior

Design a modern, minimalist bedroom  reflecting a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic.

Futuristic Fashion Show

A futuristic fashion model on runway featuring avant-garde tech-clothing

Sneaker Art

Nike sneaker concept art, (((made out of cotton candy clouds))) , luxury, futurist, stunning unreal engine render, product photography, 8k, hyper-realistic. surrealism

Dystopian Future Street

Illustrate a gritty dystopian city street with dilapidated buildings, flickering neon signs, and shady characters

Space ecosystem

create an alien palnet ecosystem linked with multiple galaxies

Food Photography

rotisserie chicken dish, culinary delight 8k insta

Snowy Monster

In "CryptoCritters," the Frostbite Frostwisp, with a body of icy shards and piercing blue eyes, evolves to withstand extreme cold and create intricate ice formations.

Asian Zen Garden

An ancient spiritual gnomes stone pathway rock garden.sculptured . Style of alex grey,giger.unreal engine.totem sculptures.swirling patterned stone pathway courtyard.wood.stone.driftwood.statues. artistic sculpture.lanterns.air bnb tiny house

Apocalyptic Space Station

Create a gripping scene of an apocalyptic space station on the brink of collapse, with damaged structures, floating debris, and a sense of impending doom.

Golden Retriever

golden retriever in Soldier uniform wearing, dog photography, dark aesthetic

Fashion Model

(high-fashion editorial:1.2) featuring (blond-haired :1.5) man adorned in vibrant attire and sunglasses


We have meticulously curated a collection of exceptional prompts, each representing a distinct style, all poised to unleash the creative potential of the SDXL 1.0 model. Whether your preference leans towards fantastical landscapes, futuristic cityscapes, or historical epochs, our diverse set of prompts serves as a gateway to artistic expression with this versatile model.

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