[Int8 Episode 4, Sudeep George, iMerit] Unleashing the Power of Generative AI to Generate High-Quality Data

[Int8 Episode 4, Sudeep George, iMerit] Unleashing the Power of Generative AI to Generate High-Quality Data

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, the quest for high-quality data has become paramount for AI-driven industries. Enter iMerit, a trailblazing company specializing in productized data services, catering to cutting-edge applications such as self-driving cars and satellite imaging.

With an emphasis on assisting AI companies, iMerit's focus lies in delivering top-tier annotated data, essential for training complex AI models. Whether it's self-driving cars or satellite imaging, high-quality data ensures precise and reliable AI outcomes, establishing iMerit as a trusted partner in data annotation.

Last week, we had an extremely intuitive and candid conversation with Sudeep, VP of Engineering at iMerit on how synthetic data can be used to retrain and fine-tune ML models. While we did discuss a lot of  topics surrounding synthetic data and the importance of Generative AI,  listed below are the major takeaways,

How iMerit adopted to the Gen AI revolution Revolution

iMerit's mission has always been to keep pace with the evolving AI landscape. As the field of AI expands into generative models, iMerit has adapted to leverage its potential fully. With a staggering two billion parameters annotated, iMerit is best positioned to harness the true power of generative AI in data annotation. iMerit now uses Generative AI to generate data to cover edge cases and special cases in addition to leveraging human annotators. This shift opens new horizons, allowing AI models to generate data and continuously improve through human feedback. This mutual cooperation between AI and human annotators marks a profound transformation in the AI ecosystem.

Coming to terms with Gen AI limitations

While generative AI holds immense potential, it comes with its share of challenges. The pace of AI development, with over 100+ research papers released on a daily bases, requires iMerit's relentless dedication to staying ahead. A diverse team of over 5,000 subject matter experts equips iMerit to handle text, images, LiDAR, radar, and audio data ensuring comprehensive coverage across industries. The quest for the "right data," including edge cases and scenarios, proves instrumental in training robust AI models. iMerit has hence opted to find the perfect balance between human feedback and leveraging generative AI to keep up with the rapid pace of progress while not compromising on the quality of data.

Leveraging Synthetic Data for Model Training

Addressing the challenges of obtaining massive amounts of specific real-world data, iMerit leverages the concept of synthetic data. Synthetic data is nothing but data generated from generative AI models.  iMerit creates synthetic data to fill gaps in training data, enabling better coverage of edge cases and potential pitfalls. This innovative approach enhances the robustness and reliability of AI models, significantly reducing the data collection burden not only from an effort perspective but also time which is the biggest factor in today's world.

Human Feedback in the Generative AI Era

The significance of human feedback in refining generative AI models is mission-critical to maintain the quality of data and prevent model collapse. Combining the expertise of human annotators with generative models allows iMerit to identify loopholes and edge cases that could impact model training and outputs. The collaboration between AI models and human intelligence presents a harmonious approach to achieving high accuracy and coverage.

Looking Ahead: Accelerated Models and the Human Touch

As AI technologies advance, model acceleration becomes a vital consideration. Foundational models may demand significant resources, leading to the exploration of accelerated models. Standardized model services, offered as APIs (as served by Segmind) present promising opportunities for developers seeking efficient solutions. Despite the rapid advancements, human annotators remain irreplaceable due to their evolving subject matter expertise, ensuring AI augmentation without complete displacement.

Conclusion: The Future of High-Quality Data and Generative AI

The webinar hosted by Segmind served as a window into the dynamic world of AI and how AI can help solve high-quality data annotation. As generative AI evolves, iMerit's expertise in providing top-tier annotated data and embracing synthetic data techniques sets the stage for even greater AI breakthroughs. The powerful amalgamation of human feedback and AI capabilities heralds a new era of AI that is more accurate, robust, and attuned to real-world scenarios.

In this age of innovation, iMerit's commitment to excellence and its ability to adapt to the ever-changing AI landscape position it at the forefront of AI-driven industries. As we look to the future, the harmonious coexistence of AI and human intelligence promises to unlock unprecedented possibilities, revolutionizing industries and empowering AI solutions to transform the world as we know it.