PS2 Filter Style Photo with Face to Many Model

Want to become your favorite PS2 video game character? Using face to many model you can with 1-click instantly transform your photos into characters from PlayStation 2 video games.

PS2 Filter Style Photo with Face to Many Model

Instantly turn yourself into a PS2 Playstation video game character in 1 click. The PS2 Filter is an AI trend that transform photos, particularly portraits, into a style that mimics the visuals of characters from PlayStation 2 video games.

These characters typically have:

  • Lower polygon count faces
  • Less detailed textures
  • Stronger aliasing on edges

Face-to-Many Model is an AI model capable of applying various artistic styles to facial photos. One of its presets allows you to transform the photo into a "Video Game" style, which in this case replicates the PS2 aesthetic.

Under the hood of Face to Many model is a combination of Instant ID, IP Adapter and ControlNet Depth.

  • Instant ID: This identifies the unique features of the face in the uploaded image.
  • Image Encoder (IP Adapter): This component acts as a translator, transferring the chosen artistic style (3D, video game, emoji, etc.) onto the face within the image.
  • ControlNet Depth: This estimates the depth of various facial features, crucial for creating a seamless 3D representation that serves as the foundation for style application.

How to create PS2 Filter Style Photo?

Follow the below steps to create your PS2 Filter AI Photo:

Step 1: Input image: Choose an image that you want to transform. A close-up portrait shot is ideal because it allows the model to clearly identify and process the facial features.

Step 2: Prompt: Provide a text prompt based on the input image. This could be a simple description such as 'person' etc. The model uses this prompt to guide the style transfer process.

Step 3: Style: Choose video game style in the advance section.

Step 4: Hit run button to generate your image. You can regenerate images multiple times using randomized seed value, until you get an output you are happy with.