Introducing The World's Most Versatile Generative AI Stable Diffusion Bot

GenerativeAI Jan 23, 2023

The stable diffusion bot of your dreams has arrived, thanks to voltaML.

The voltaBot by voltaML is a stable diffusion image generator bot for users and creators. The bot allows users to choose from 9 model styles and quickly generate images on Discord.

The voltaBot is user-friendly and allows users to easily create high-quality, unique images for personal or commercial use.

This bot is perfect for those who want to use different styles of stable diffusion but don't want to spend a lot of time configuring them.  

With the ability to generate any number of images, the voltaBot is a great tool for creators and designers to test the potential that stable diffusion can offer

Demo Video

Introducing The Worlds Most Versatile Generative AI Stable Diffusion Bot
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About Segmind

Segmind is the application layer for Generative AI offering lightning-fast training and inferences. Segmind provides multiple layers of optimizations to the application layers, out-of-the box inclduing algorithm optimizations, memory optimizations, and deployment optimizations.

Our vision is to become the de-facto Gen AI infrastructure provider.

We are already making great progress on our mission by offering the fastest stable diffusion inference library with 0.8s generation time powered by voltaML.

About Segmind's voltaML

voltaML ( ) is an open-source lightweight library to accelerate your machine learning and deep learning models. VoltaML can optimize, compile and deploy your models to your target CPU and GPU devices, with just one line of code.


Sam Awrabi

Sam Awrabi, Co-Founder & COO Segmind