AI Profile Photo Generator: Create Hundreds of Unique Profile Pictures

Create stunning AI Profile Pictures in Seconds! Generate unique, lifelike portraits from a single photo. Change pose & angle - create hundred's of variations.

AI Profile Photo Generator: Create Hundreds of Unique Profile Pictures

AI Profile Photo generator based on Insta Depth generates new images that very closely resemble a specific person and also allowing for different poses and angles. It achieves this using a single input image of the person and a text description of the desired variations, along with a reference image. The key aspect of Insta Depth involves transferring the composition of the person’s image into different poses based on the face image of the person. This ensures that the generated image maintains the unique identity of the person while allowing for variations in pose. This model is an add-on and improvement to InstantID model.  

AI profile picture generated with Insta Depth with just a single photo

Key Components of Insta Depth

Under the hood, Insta Depth is a combination of Instant ID and ControlNet Depth models.

  1. ID Embedding: This part analyzes the input image to capture the person's unique facial features, like eye color, nose shape, etc. It focuses on these defining characteristics (semantic information) rather than the exact location of each feature on the face (spatial information).
  2. Lightweight Adapted Module: This module acts like an adapter, allowing the system to use the reference image itself as a visual prompt for the image generation process. The reference image can be any pose image.
  3. IdentityNet: This is where the actual image generation happens. It takes the information from the ID embedding (facial characteristics) and combines it with the text prompt to create a new image.
  4. ControlNet Depth enables composition transfer by understanding the depth of the input face image. It accurately preserves the person’s face in the new pose (reference image) in the output image.

How to use Insta Depth?

  1. Input image: Provide a clear image of the person you want to generate variations for. This image is used to capture unique facial features and characteristics of the person.
  2. Pose Image: Upload a reference image that represents the pose you want the person in the input image to take. This could be any pose like standing, jumping, sitting, etc.
  3. Prompt: Provide a text prompt that describes the final output you envision. For example, if you want the person in the image to appear as if they’re wearing a Wonder Woman costume, your prompt could be “Photo of a woman wearing a Wonder Woman costume”.
Insta Depth Model Playground

AI Profile Picture Generation with Instant Depth

You can create a wide range of profile pictures with different themes, such as LinkedIn profile pictures, Instagram photos, and photos featuring you dressed in different costumes for Comic Con. The possibilities are endless! Here's an example of professional headshots generated for a LinkedIn profile picture, created on Segmind Pixeflow - A no-code GUI for creating Gen AI workflows.

LinkedIn Profile Pictures generated using Insta Depth on Segind Pixelflow - A no code Gen AI workflow tool.

You can access the above workflow on Segmind Pixelflow.

Explore Insta Depth and many more such models on Segmind for personalized image generation.