Analogous to how it has become easier to build and deploy websites through services that take care of all the heavy lifting such as data management, version management and plugin integrations we want to give the AI engineers of the world a better way of building Deep Learning pipelines that make it easier to build, deploy, and manage their AI solutions.

Our thesis is to identify the most time wearing and unproductive functions in building Deep Learning pipelines such as data management, modeling, training and experiment & user management and build tools to automate and aid the above. The goal is to build an end to end management platform that can allow AI engineers to focus on improving important facets of their solutions such as accuracy, reproducibility, and inference times and in effect accelerate AI.

Typical Deep Learning based project lifecycle

Segmind CRAL is an integrated platform to help you build, deploy & manage computer vision pipelines locally or on the cloud, powered by Deep Learning. It comes with built in network algorithms & pre/post processing algorithms to build application specific pipelines, so that user can focus on his data science tasks.

If you or anyone of your peers need to use State of the art networks in their research labs, startups, and/or companies do get in touch with us for an early access to the products we are building at