June Updates

Jul 14, 2022

A lot has been learned this month of June, and we at Segmind have been working hard to find the best strategies to both increase efficiency and save costs.

Here is a summary of the things we updated and released in June.


Cost-Effective Data Transport

The cost of transferring data from Segmind's S3 bucket to its Cluster has been reduced with the help of AWS's internal network, hence data transfer is now more cost efficient.

VPC endpoints for Amazon S3 simplify access to S3 from within a VPC by providing configurable and highly reliable secure connections to S3 that do not require an internet gateway or Network Address Translation (NAT) device. When you create a S3 VPC endpoint, you can attach an endpoint policy to it that controls access to Amazon S3.

40 hours' worth of free runtime

New users who sign up to Segmind will receive 1 credit to experience our platform. A user can have access to an instance running on a micro machine for approximately 40 hours* with 1 credit.

Cut Storage Costs

Now users can remove or connect a datastore to a notebook even after it has been created. From now on, users will have the flexibility to remove or add a datastore to a Segmind instance even after the creation of the instance. This provides users with the ability to save costs on storage and also replace datasets whenever needed.


Take control of your costs.

The new list of bills includes information like instance name and machine type to make tracking your expenses easy. Adding information like instance name and machine type to the bills will help users easily identify the cost related to a particular instance or machine type.

To reduce costs, the unused datastore would be deleted.

Datastore attached to notebooks which are in stopped state for more than 7 days will be deleted. Segmind users will receive a datastore deletion warning if a instance with a datastore is in stopped state for more than 6 days, if the user does not take action to prevent the datastore from being deleted. The datastore attached to the notebook will be deleted to save cost on storage. And user can always re-attach there datastore if needed.

That's it for June. Take a test run at cloud.segmind.com.

Until next time,
The Segmind team