Fashion AI with Stable Diffusion: Your Personal AI Stylist

Fashion AI can virtually try on and redesign outfits with just a text prompt. Learn how this innovative model can identify, separate, and modify garments in an image, offering a unique and personalized fashion experience.

Fashion AI with Stable Diffusion: Your Personal AI Stylist

Fashion AI with Stable Diffusion offers a new way to virtually try on clothes or redesign outfits. This model can realistically replace clothing in an image with a new item, with just a text prompt. First, the AI identifies and separates the clothing from the rest of the image. This precise segmentation allows the model to focus solely on the garment being modified. Next, the AI "inpaints" the segmented area. This process is guided by a text prompt you provide, describing the new clothing item you want.

Fashion AI

Under the Hood of Fashion AI Model

Fashion AI combines three key components:

  • Object Detection: The system first identifies the clothing using a model like Grounding DINO. This model leverages both image and text data to pinpoint clothing items in an image.
  • Segmentation:  Once the clothing is identified, a segmentation model like Segment Anything Model (SAM) takes over.  SAM uses your text prompt to precisely separate the clothing from the background.
  • Inpainting:  Following segmentation, a mask is created to define the area for replacement. White pixels represent the clothing to be replaced, while black pixels remain untouched. Based on your text prompt, the AI replaces the old garment with a new one using inpainting techniques.

How to use Fashion AI?

Using Fashion AI is straightforward:

  1. Input Image:  Provide a picture of someone wearing clothes you want to modify.
  2. Text Prompt:  Describe the desired changes  -  color, style, etc.
  3. Clothing Selection:  Specify the type of clothing you're modifying (top, bottom, full body) to ensure the AI generates the most accurate results.
Fashion AI Model Playground

Important Note: Mismatches between the clothing type in the image and your chosen category can lead to poor results.  For best outcomes, make sure the clothing type matches what's in the picture.

Fashion AI offers exciting possibilities for both consumers and designers.  It can revolutionize how we try on clothes, visualize design concepts, and explore new fashion trends - all virtually.